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Enrique Haro opened La Choza Restaurant in 1976 in West Los Angeles on Olympic Blvd. La Choza's roots come from the meaning ''the hut'' where Haro literally started the restaurant from a single family home, later remodeled and renamed Tia Juan Restaurant.

Carlos Haro Sr., Enrique's father, was the first person to bring freshly made, traditional handmade tortillas to an eatery in Venice Beach since 1962. They wanted to transport the native Mexican style of cooking to America.



In 2007, after 31 years in West Los Angeles, Enrique relocated the restaurant to Huntington Beach, California. He brought his employees, original menu and homemade tortillas to Orange County and revived the original name La Choza. His mother, Alicia, has been with the restaurant since its opening in 1976 and still supervises the kitchen today. 

La Choza Restaurant features traditional Mexican dishes that are made from scratch daily. We want you to have the feeling that you are coming home to a warm, home cooked meal in a pleasant environment.


7402 Edinger Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92647    1 (714) 842-7888